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KeraStraight Ultimate


KS Ultimate is the ultimate solution to transform dry, damaged and unruly hair into repaired, strengthened and straightened hair that is both easy to manage and luxuriously soft to touch.
KS Ultimate is a universal treatment that can be easily adapted to every hair type. This amazing new treatment transforms hair with incredible straightening power whilst strengthening and rebuilding the hair beyond compare.
KeraStraight’s groundbreaking KS Ultimate treatment combines the ease, speed and simplicity of the earliest Brazilian Keratin treatments, with the strengthening and repairing benefits of KeraStraight’s award winning protein treatments.

• Carbocysteine
• Keratin
• Hydrolysed Wheat Protein
• Low pH 1.5
• KS Complex
• Universal
• Straightens & Repairs Simultaneously
• Time Saving
• Eliminates Frizz
• Advanced Protein Technology
• Full EU / UK Health & Safety